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S'installer en Irlande (règles administratives)

Moving to Ireland (administrative rules)

http://www.oasis.gov.ie/ Information on Irish Public Services
http://www.moving_to_ireland.htm/ Information on PPSN, E104...

Trouver un stage un emploi...





Trainings, jobs...

http://www.fas.ie/  *** Irish Institutional Agency
http://www.nixers.com/ Irish Recruitment Agencies
http://www.browseireland.com/ Irish Recruitment Agencies
http://www.10000stages.com/ European trainings
http://www.irishjobs.ie/ Recruitment Website
http://www.approachpeople.com/ French Recruitment Agency

Obtenir une bourse de stage



To get a training's grant


European training's grant


Similar to Erasmus


Ecole pour améliorer son niveau d'anglais



To improve your level in English

http://www.corklanguagecentre.ie/ Irish School for foreigner

Trouver un logement




To look for a accommodation

http://www.daft.ie/ *** Irish Institutional Web Site

Information sur l'Irlande





Information about Ireland


French Association

http://www.startpage.ie/ *** Irish directory


Irish news in French

http://www.willgoto.com/ Travel guide and directory


World Students Web Site


Irish directory


Irish directory in French

Webcams en Irlande


Irish Webcams

http://atlascam.free.fr/ Irish Webcams
http://www.galway.net/ Irish Webcams from Galway

Forums about Ireland

http://www.forum.ireland.free.fr/ Forum about Ireland
http://www.expatries.org/ Forum about Ireland in French
http://www.routard.com/ Forum about Ireland in French
http://webd.francite.com/fr/ *** Forum about Ireland in French

Songs & Music http://www.imro.ie/ Performing rights association
http://www.g8ina.enta.net/ Loads of traditional Irish music's

Surf Ireland http://www.corksurf.com/ Upcoming surfer
http://www.isasurf.ie/ Irish Surfing Association
http://www.beachwizard.com/ Irish Beaches

Pictures of other countries http://www.eastern.europe.free.fr/ Hungary, Slovakia, Austria
http://www.pictures.spain.free.fr/ Spain, Portugal
http://www.pictures.holland.free.fr/ Holland